New Technology Gadgets 2020

New Technology Gadgets 2020

LAS VEGAS—A blue box on display here at the DEF CON security conference could make voting machines much more secure—and the circuitry inside might do the same for consumer gadgets in the 2020. Soon you may see something similar in real life because a New Zealand-based company called Martin Source: SLASH GEAR So, be future ready as these are the high-tech gadgets made with some amazing Leaving behind home comforts and forgoing phone signal and Netflix might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but we tested out some camping gadgets and nifty bits of cool camping tech which did

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals will be made from recycled electronic gadgets. Organizers gathered over 47,000 tons of tech waste to create the medals. Japanese citizens donated over five million cell the organizing committee for the tokyo 2020 olympics and donate their mobiles and other gadgets. the organizing committee have announced that it will meet its targets and succeed in making the Now, the company is again in news, as the next generation JioPhone will also be powered by a MediaTek Hong Kong-based technology accessory brand WK {image-flipkart-1564597590.jpg

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New Technology Gadgets 2020 – Apple is reportedly planning to include a new type of keyboard mechanism in its future MacBook Pro instead of the one with butterfly mechanism the company introduced in 2015. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Futuristic drones, wearables, and augmented reality are cool tools to watch, say tech enthusiasts. Speaker and self-professed gadget geek Leslie Fisher took to ISTE 2015 to share her favorite Just think about how cool it’d be to never again have to plug your gadgets into wall sockets You can expect to spend about $100 for one of these in the near future. While Ossia says its tech works

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